Baron Von Opperbean's Exploratorium of Magic Science and the Multiverse

BVOE Mural in progress by Christopher Reyes

BVOE Mural in progress by Christopher Reyes

Baron Von Opperbean's Exploratorium of Magic Science and the Multiverse is coming to the Off the Walls Arts in October.

BVOE is an immersive, exploratory installation of sight, sound, and interactive play.

Baron Von Opperbean was born into a long standing family of adventurers. Since childhood, he has been driven to explore the unknown and has pursued a life of science, magic, and the unexplained. Sadly he disappeared many years ago. Some believe he met his fate in the multiverse. 

Created by Christopher Reyes, BVOE is a unique plot based, high-tech immersive experience for all ages. Part exploratory playground and part hyper reality adventure game. It utilizes augmented reality, scenography, and cinematic wizardry to immerse participants in fantastic worlds each with their own unique stories and themes within an overarching narrative. 

Donation + Tickets


Help us reach Our Minimum production goal of $25,000.

  • If you donate $20, you will get (2) Tickets.

  • If you donate $25,000, you will get (2,500) tickets

  • Re-donate your tickets to whomever you want.

  • Adults Tickets will be priced at $15

  • Youth tickets will be priced at $10

  • 5 years and under will be free.


  • Donation ticket holders will get priority access.

  • Be among the first to visit our one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Your tax deductible donation will be managed by the Off the Walls Arts (a non-profit) and earmarked for the BVOE project.

Get involved

The BVOE concept is a massive endeavor. We need skilled collaborators and volunteers, recycled materials, technical equipment, materials, and other resources. If you are interested in being a volunteer or have access to resources and/or materials please contact Christopher Reyes

Recycled and donated Materials may be dropped at:

Off the Wall Arts, 358 Walnut ST Memphis, TN.

Resources We need


  1. Augmented Reality

  2. Interactive technologies - Leap Motion, TouchDesigner, Lightform, etc.

  3. Visual Effects - 3D animation, NotchVFX, After Effects.

  4. Lighting and Sound / automation.

  5. Decorative / Textural Painting.

  6. Set design Construction, fabrication and/or Prop.

Specialized AV items

  1. Projectors and Mini Mad controllers and cabling.

  2. Bare Conductive Kits

  3. Video Media players

  4. Audio playback; Amps, speakers, PA, etc.

  5. LED Lighting; controllers, addressable LED strips, power amplifiers and supplies, cables.

  6. Power conditioners, extension cords, power strips.  

ReCycled Materials

  1. Corrugated cardboard boxes, magazines, newspapers, paper, toilet paper and paper towel tubes. 

  2. Plastic containers - 2 liters bottles, milk jugs, water bottle, caps, etc.

  3. 2x4s, 2x6s, old fence wood, wooden pallets, plywood.

  4. Canned food cans (steel/tin). 

  5. Plastic spoons, forks, knives, solo cups.

  6. Ropes, hoses, cabling.

  7. Tree branches various lengths from 2’ to 8’.

  8. Chicken wire, or any bendable wire mesh.

  9. Paint in various colors; - house paint, spray paint.

New Materials

  1. 2x4, plywood, osb, foam insulation panels

  2. QUIKRETE or Rapid Set mortar mix

  3. Screws; various sizes

  4. House paint / Spray paint

  5. Resin / craft glue / spray foam

  6. Construction glue

  7. Aircraft cabling and hardware

  8. Artificial grass 


follow our progress on instagram - @madebyninjacat

Recent Workshop

Through New Ballet Ensemble’s Summer Program, kids from Dunbar Elementary learned about immersive spaces, how they are created and how to recycle creatively. They spent a full week conceptualizing, designing and contributing to the BVOE project creating alien flowers and plant life from recycled and reclaimed materials.

“New Ballet's experience with Off The Walls this summer was incredible! Our Dunbar Campers had so much fun immersing themselves with their flower project built from plastic bottles and other upcyled materials. Every camper emerged as proud artists and better creative thinkers! Jillian is a gifted teacher and led each workshop with a gentle guidance and enthusiasm that kept our students engaged every moment. Christopher's imagination and Yvonne's artistic prowess combine to make a magical experience for any child or student group! New Ballet Ensemble and Dunbar Elementary can't wait to come back again for more.” Mary Golden - Director of Education and Community Partnerships New Ballet Ensemble & School

MOD 1 Tetrahedron Parts 0037.jpg

Christopher Reyes is an experiential artist dealing with light, sound, space, video, and interactive. His works can be seen around the city glowing and pulsating with light and sound.

He co-produced the immersive experience “Fish” at Crosstown arts and is well known for his work with Live From Memphis as well as his films and documentaries.